How to Make Balloon Animals - a balloon twisting resource site

Have you ever watched a balloon twister amaze a crowd with fantastic balloon sculptures and thought to yourself "I wish I could learn how to make balloon animals?" 

Well, you can! And this website is dedicated to helping you learn as quickly and easily as possible. We have compiled a goldmine of resources so you can spend more time twisting and less time searching online.

So, let's get started right now!

 The balloon swan is a classic, after 20 years of twisting I still use this balloon sculpture a whole lot. It looks great on a balloon hat. The swan is from the first book I purchased, Marvin Hardy's "Balloon Magic".

How to Create the Perfect Balloon Swan

Lessons learned from Making a Balloon Swan

I like to teach balloon twisting and my method is to point out the "secrets" that I've learned from years of twisting.

To make a perfect balloon Swan you need to get the beak the correct length and the curve of the neck just right.
And as you have seen, the two "secrets" are: knowing how much air to leave in the tip and,
how to force air into the beak to create the curved neck.
Of course, practice, practice, practice is an essential ingredient as well.

So, as you watch videos, or even a balloon artist in person, be watching for the little "secrets" that make the sculpture easy to make perfectly every time.

Video recommendation  for the  new  Balloon Twister

Before we go any further I should point out that you are going to find some fantastic videos on this website, however, most of them assume you know the basic twists. If you find yourself not able to follow along as well as you would like, then I would recommend you learn the basic twists first. Get a solid foundation, then you can often learn just by looking at a picture of a new balloon sculpture.

One of the best introductory balloon twisting videos available right now is Balloon Twisting by Sam
You can visit his website HERE  to order the video and instantly download it to your computer. 

The Killer Whale - Not Your Ordinary Balloon Animal

I was taught this when attending a clowning seminar. It's a very good all purpose balloon sculpture because it is fast to create and you can put it on a hat, impale it on a 260Q balloon so you can wave it around, and use it in story telling (ie. Jonah and whale).